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Haiku: Restriction

Bound by restriction

strapped to spiralling control

too fast for escape

creative writing, original piece, poem, poetry, writing

I Fell From the Ground and Landed in the Sky

My minds a forgotten doll

whose seams are ready to burst

as pills pop out of cottons cracks

prolonging the pounding

my heart sleeps in a dense grave

barely ringing chimes

disintegrating with every pump

wondering how many more times

my shell’s a crumbling coffin

no room to win in restriction

dust coats vision and bones are bitten

tongue can’t click conviction

my unspoken thoughts play

in opaque black silence

too tired to collect them

too hollow to try.

Too weak to push the lid

blow memories through the gap

and cry infront of strangers

maybe give directions

to find loose pins

doubting they could find a way

to stitch up the cracks in my dolls coffin.

original piece, poem, poetry, writing

Home Seems Far Away

Fog distorts vision

shadows wrestle on the ground

Mist obscures the moon

Streetlights flickering

unseen rustling follows steps

whispering secrets

Shoes knock against stone

dusk cries louder than own thoughts

bumps pierce through flesh

The concept of time

is lost in midnights darkness

rushing you along

Grumbling car passes

engines growl disturbs silence

Fog eats taillights

Your thoughts are muddled

this open space watches you

searching for danger

The presence of owls

quietly hooting in trees

doesn’t calm your nerves

Alone, nervous, tense

trapped amongst nights playful traits

home seems far away