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Winters Sky

Daisy chains stitched into her hair

rigidly pinned into a crown

each bud an honourable kill

a new chain for another battle won

no gaps, no losses.

As erect as a tree

but as strong as stone

broader than any giant known

armour heavier than marble

plainer than winters sky

she swings her sword high

faster than a shooting star

and jabs it through your plates

puncturing your flesh

exploding like wildfire

decorating the ground red

birds and roses coat her helmet

tricking dying eyes to believe

they’re already in heaven

until she flicks the visor down

forcing birds to flee

petals falling from beaks

leaving weeds behind

revealing eyes as burnt as coals

you’ll screech for Lucifer’s help

poem, poetry

A Broken Harmony

Your lovely voice sings lyrics of anger

and I gladly keep your raving rap warm.

You turn my sorrow into giggling laughter,

our vibrating duet is an alarm.

This thumping beat is playing too fast

and my tangled feet are tapping too slow.

I change my language to make the song last

but now you begin to despise our flow.

Your vibrant tone mocks your twitching thumbs,

contrasting ideas skips to the blues,

my rhythm’s not in sync with these bitter drums.

Someone sings of tune; is it me or you?


Surprising to me, we’ll soon become strangers,

Regretfully indifferent to each others genres.