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Angels Light

Angels switch off stars

blackbirds begin a new song

chirping Sun awake

Moon moves on

soothing restless souls to sleep

owls observe from shady trees

Day and Night switching places

following the world’s slow spin

continuing our hearts duet

coaxing the solos of lonely beats

twirling with Times swirl

pulsating to the tick tock

flicking of Angels light.

creative writing, original piece, poem, poetry, writing

Castaway Genes

You dug up our dreams

and offered your land

promising to provide what we craved

swearing we wouldn’t be afraid.

You led us up stairs of stars

offering a choice of candy floss clouds

promising we could ride on comets

visit the Sun and find new planets


You fitted yourself behind the wheel

and told us our seats

encouraging us to listen

and to not interrupt

until you decided what to do.

But we paused too long

merry and confident

from the candy you gave

believing we could be brave.

We read the maps, found a quicker path

different to what you desired.

Flushed, you spat

and ripped up the plans

spun us away from the Sun

watching the stars prick

as we stumbled down, scratches stinging

candy floss lingering through sweet tears

the galaxy swirling above

yet your grin dominates

watching us scrape dust

away from our eyes.

Your teeth glinting, mocking

while holding a shovel

dirty and decorated with our fears.