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Angels Light

Angels switch off stars

blackbirds begin a new song

chirping Sun awake

Moon moves on

soothing restless souls to sleep

owls observe from shady trees

Day and Night switching places

following the world’s slow spin

continuing our hearts duet

coaxing the solos of lonely beats

twirling with Times swirl

pulsating to the tick tock

flicking of Angels light.

original piece, poem, poetry, writing



in the magic of no endings and beginnings

limelight centres hushed chants

reigning the rhythm

glittering glamour confines

tantalizing, shimmering, romantic

smoke wraps around leaves

breathe in the bittersweet electric

plucking strings, tapping drums

an undetonated bomb swaying

flirtatiously, recklessly, gleefully

limbs fluidly clicking

to each demanding beat.