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Writing Intentions

When I first began this blog, my intention was to post my poetry and other pieces of my writing every now and then. I set a goal of posting every week and of using this to inspire me to write more. Plus all of the lovely creativity I’ve found on here has been a source of encouragement which has filled me with lasting inspiration.

However, it’s been nearly 5 months (or maybe 6?) since my last post so you could say I’ve failed in my initial goal.

The truth is I’m a perfectionist. The pieces I have posted took a while to write and even now I’m not completely certain that they are finished and should have been put up for other people to see. And the only pieces I do, absolutely adore are too personal to post – yes yes, the best writing is the ones where you share your soul with others. But I’m not a fan of letting people know what I see and feel, even if they are shown through snippets of poetry and prose.

And another truth is that there’s not enough time to write. Sure, I can make time to but I hate being rushed. There isn’t time to explore, think and take my time in letting ideas form. I’m constantly in a rush to find inspiration, to write the one piece that will make someone stop and say “Wow”. Setting up this blog made me realise that I care more about what other people think of my work more than what I do about sharing my work just for the fun of it.

Starting from now I will use this blog for FUN. I will stop worrying of what people think about my writing and feeling like my pieces get lost in between all the brilliant pieces of writing that I’ve seen so far on here. Cause’, when it comes down to it, my pieces may not get recognition and may be forgotten but at least I can say that I created something. That I took the time to start it, end it, edit it and finish it.

I should be grateful that I can create. And if you can create something that you loved nourishing then you should show it off to the world. Be unafraid of criticism. Regardless of what others think, a creation should not be hidden. It should be seen for what it is and it should fill you with pride that finally the idea has now become solid, for all, but most importantly, for yourself to see.