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More Unheard Than Residents in Graves

With a sign propped in front of his stone seat,

more unheard than residents in graves,

the silent man begged for change.

Black marker scrawled against flimsy cardboard

read; “Change would be appreciated please”

People passed 

their own thoughts fighting with

city chatter, crinkling bags

and the out of tune orchestra of tapping shoes

while the silent man mingled with the pavement.

Those who did chance to see this muted plea

didn’t break their effortless stride.

Only after, might they wonder,

why the stranger didn’t implore with his mouth.

Beside his frail sign, in a rusty grey tin

a few coppers spread away from each other,

skimming the edge of the mucky bottom,

where they cosily remained.

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A Broken Harmony

Your lovely voice sings lyrics of anger

and I gladly keep your raving rap warm.

You turn my sorrow into giggling laughter,

our vibrating duet is an alarm.

This thumping beat is playing too fast

and my tangled feet are tapping too slow.

I change my language to make the song last

but now you begin to despise our flow.

Your vibrant tone mocks your twitching thumbs,

contrasting ideas skips to the blues,

my rhythm’s not in sync with these bitter drums.

Someone sings of tune; is it me or you?


Surprising to me, we’ll soon become strangers,

Regretfully indifferent to each others genres.


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Monday Blues

Morning musk gasps on windows,

owls are more awake than me.

No more batteries for the alarm,

days are shorter than string.

Autumn’s leaves fall to dust as I

yearn to be born again.

Branches iced by frost beckon to me.

Let me cherish life before Winter

unclouded by Springs faith.

Envy corpses,

sentiments only torment the living.

poem, poetry, writing

Fictional Rights

The universe is a story

and I’m one of many puppets

I speak your words only

none of your lines I forget


Invisible fingers drag the strings

skittering across the stage

you can’t yet allow me wings

to escape from your cage


I am what you want me to be

to fit with your vision

of the world only you can see

you make the decisions


I feel the desired consequences

of your planned actions

You gave me experiences

so that I can think with caution


Many are suspicious

that we are being observed

in this lovely and vicious

world you curved


Please promise if and when

you get bored with our lives

don’t put down your immortal pen

unless there are no loose ties


Give all of us a deserved ending

in a plot that makes sense

don’t leave us hanging

in the middle of your past tense.